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Launch of Brand New Online Trading Guide



The online trading guide Trading Browser is a tool for real crypto traders who are looking for a break on their way to becoming profitable.

Trading Browser is one of the most promising new online crypto trading guides and it’s having a big remake of its website when it comes to design and functionality. The focus is clear and it’s going to be big for the whole trading community.

It is built on trust and professionalism. Trading Browser is creating a new environment for cryptocurrency traders where they can get hands on information about strategies and everything trading-related.

Since the team behind Trading Browser are self-taught traders they know what it takes to get through the struggle of losing money and getting stopped out trade after trade. Now it’s time to give back to the large cryptocurrency trading community and this is done by creating a trusted trading guide online.

What Is Trading Browser?

The online trading guide Trading Browser is a tool for real crypto traders who are looking for a break on their way to becoming profitable. You will find very intuitive guides and articles that deal with both the psychological aspect and the technical aspect of trading.

Here are some examples of the most popular guides:

  • Top 15 Crypto Trading Tips
  • Best Cryptocurrency Indicator for Technical Analysis
  • Swing Trading Cryptocurrency Guide
  • Crypto Trading Strategies for Beginners
  • How to short Bitcoin
  • Best Bitcoin Investment Sites
  • Cheapest ways to Buy Bitcoin

No matter what your hurdle is, the team behind is determined to help you reach the next level. Your journey is very personal and therefore you can easily browse through several different guides on how to improve your game.

A new feature is a very strict and trusted trading platform review system for cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto trading platforms. Their objective and detailed reviews do not bend for anything and it takes a very solid platform with government regulation with low fees and several products to earn the Excellent rating.

What Are the Use Cases of Trading Browser?

If you are looking for real cryptocurrency trading guides created by real traders you should visit this new online trading guide When you read a guide you can rest assured that it is written by an experienced trader who once was just like you.

It is also completely free. You can use Trading Browser as much as you like without paying a dollar. This is what makes it different. There are no signups and no costly courses involved. Just visit the website and start reading great online trading guides.

Advantages of using Trading Browser:

  • Guides are written by experienced traders
  • Very objective and strict trading platform reviews
  • Very easy-to-read trading strategies and tips
  • For all traders no matter the market

Another big release that comes with this new launch is the very well sought-after platform reviews. It is one of the most detailed cryptocurrency exchange reviews on the market and the team puts down a lot of time to rate and rank cryptocurrency platforms.

Security is one of the key aspects of this review and it’s very hard to reach a high rating. Not to mention, to score a rating for 4 or more the crypto exchange needs government regulation. This is followed by fees, products, trading tools, order types, and of course what device the exchange can be used on.

The best part about this review page is that it’s extremely easy to use. All the most important information about the exchange is highlighted at the top. This makes it very easy for you to quickly scan the reviews if you are looking for something in particular.

The main goal of the team behind this online cryptocurrency guide is to be the most trusted trading guide online and this is done by being extremely objective, transparent, and professional says Anton Palovaara, the founded of

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Safello Planned Initial Public Offering (IPO) Oversubscribed by 1,240%




Shares of Safello Group are expected to start trading on Nasdaq First North Growth Market under the ticket SFL on May 12, 2021.

Safello Group, the Swedish cryptocurrency broker, has announced that its initial public offering (IPO) has recorded an oversubscription of 1,240%. The company’s initial offering of new shares worth 40.5 million Swedish kronor (almost $4.8 million) was met with subscription bids of up to 502 million kronor ($59 million) worth of shares.

Safello Group also announced that, regardless of the insanely high demand for the company’s shares, it will only allow $4.8 million worth of shares to ‘some’ 1,500 new shareholders and will issue total proceeds of 40.5 million Swedish krona ($4,771,714) before deductions for issue costs, which are estimated to amount to approximately 4.8 million Swedish krona ($565,598).

Safello Group received subscriptions from a total of 15,622 accounts and had subscription commitments amounting to 32.4 million Swedish krona ($3,820,034) from both new and existing owners even before the subscription period began. Frank Schuil, co-founder and CEO of Safello Group, speaking after the announcement expressed their delight to see the unprecedented interest in Safello’s shares and what it signals for the future of the industry.

“The future of a cryptocurrency-based financial system has gained grounds, maturity, and validation in the established financial industry in Sweden as well as across the globe. Companies that are well-positioned to work with traditional players will have a great advantage in facilitating and driving the transition. We look forward to executing our plans to accelerate the transformation, as well as create long-term value for our existing and new shareholders,” Schuil stated.

Shares of Safello Group are expected to start trading on Nasdaq First North Growth Market which is an alternative stock exchange for relatively smaller and medium-sized growth companies in Europe, under the ticket SFL on May 12, 2021. The firm first announced its plans to go public on February 16 and received preliminary approval from Nasdaq Stockholm for listing on Nasdaq First North. The Safello IPO subscription opened on April 19 and closed on April 30. The firm boasts of strong investors including White Star Capital, Northzone, and Currency Group, the parent company of CoinDesk.

Safello group now adds to the already standing list of crypto exchange or brokers going public via a direct listing. Coinbase, the US crypto exchange went public last month on Nasdaq through a direct listing, making it the largest direct listing in history. Kraken and Gemini, both rivals of Coinbase could also go public with Kraken planning on doing it through direct listing in 2022.

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CME’s Micro Bitcoin Futures Go Live for Trading




The CME micro Bitcoin futures allows retail players and individual crypto investors to deal with small-sized contracts thereby ushering more market liquidity while giving the smaller players equal exposure to a regulated environment.

On Monday, May 3, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) announced the launch of the Micro Bitcoin Futures in a move aimed at expanding its crypto derivative products. Over the last year, Bitcoin has gained significant price appreciation and momentum.

Thus, the demand for Bitcoin derivative products has also surged. While CME was indeed the first to launch the Bitcoin Futures, it was largely available only to institutional players. The cash-settled CME Bitcoin futures is one of the most popular Bitcoin derivative products.

However, to give retail investors and small players access to BTC derivatives, CME has now launched the micro BTC futures. The CME micro Bitcoin Futures represent one-tenth the size of one Bitcoin. Tim McCourt, CME Group Global Head of Equity Index and Alternative Investment Products said:

“We are pleased to introduce this new contract at a time when we continue to see consistent growth of liquidity and participation in our crypto futures and options. At one-tenth the size of one bitcoin, Micro Bitcoin futures will provide an efficient, cost-effective way for a broad array of market participants – from institutions to sophisticated, active traders – to fine-tune their bitcoin exposure and enhance their trading strategies, all while retaining the benefits of CME Group’s standard Bitcoin futures.”

Micro Bitcoin Futures: The Power of Small-Sized Contracts

Bitcoin’s popularity is at its peak in the current times. Thus, such small-sized contracts will allow participation from sophisticated individual clients in the market. Besides, it also addresses one of the major issues associated with Bitcoin i.e. the high cost of owning an asset and the desire to engage in a regulated environment.

With the small-sized contracts, the options for CME’s micro Bitcoin futures will also attract retail buying. Daniel Ryba, Executive Director of futures at E*TRADE Financial said:

“Offering Micro Bitcoin futures allows us to provide our customers with even more choice and precision in how they trade Bitcoin futures. The smaller contract size enables traders of all sizes – from institutions to active retail traders – to get exposure to bitcoin prices, or hedge their spot bitcoin positions. We are excited to support this product.”

As said earlier, the micro futures offers more granular exposure on BTC futures. Similar to the larger derivative product, the CME micro BTC futures is also cash-settled.

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Bhushan is a FinTech enthusiast and holds a good flair in understanding financial markets. His interest in economics and finance draw his attention towards the new emerging Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency markets. He is continuously in a learning process and keeps himself motivated by sharing his acquired knowledge. In free time he reads thriller fictions novels and sometimes explore his culinary skills.

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Ethereum (ETH) New All-Time High of $3194 Makes Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Billionaire




ETH price rally has helped its market dominance surge past 16% making it formidable crypto in the market. Analysts expect ETH price to surge to $10K by the end of 2021.

Simply stunning is an understatement for the Ethereum performance in recent time. The world’s second-largest cryptocurrency ETH has been on an indomitable rally and today’s all-time high of $3194 makes its co-founder Vitalik Buterin the youngest crypto billionaire in the market.

The public ETH address of Vitalik Buterin which he disclosed in 2018 has hit over $1 billion in balance with Ethereum’s meteoric rally. As per the data by Etherscan, this VB address holds 333,500 ETH coins. Thus, the balance as of the current price ETH shows $1.043 billion.

Growing ETH Dominance that Boosts Wealth of Buterin

Ethereum (ETH) has largely dominated the crypto market in recent times while Bitcoin (BTC) seems under consolidation. The ETH year-to-date returns stand at a massive 300% as of the current price. Meaning, Ethereum (ETH) has gained 4x since the beginning of the year 2021. On the other hand, BTC price has gained 2x or 100%. Clearly, Ethereum outclasses Bitcoin with a 3:1 margin.

With the recent price rally, Ethereum has hit fresh milestones on multiple fronts. For e.g. Ethereum has outgrown some of the biggest traditional financial institutions and companies. After toppling PayPal last week in market size, ETH has outgrown giants like Disney and Bank of America today. As per the data on Infinite Market Cap, Ethereum (ETH) is the 27 most valuable global asset currently. The next target for Ethereum would be taking on payments giant MasterCard.

Ethereum Gains in Crypto Market Domination

With its price rally this year, Ethereum has extended its crypto market domination. At its current price, ETH dominates more than 16% of the overall crypto market cap. On the other hand, Bitcoin (BTC) is seeing a stop in its market domination.

Over the last month, the BTC market domination has dropped more than 10% and is currently under 47%. Let’s take some of the positive on-chain developments driving the ETH price rally.

  • In April, the ETH gas fee dropped below $10 for the first time in three months. This drop gave investors the flexibility to move their coins without paying too many fees.
  • In April 2021, the Ethereum blockchain network registered a massive 41.7 million transactions. Thanks to the outbreak in DeFi and NFT activity on the blockchain.
  • The ETH supply at exchanges was on a drop. This supply-demand gap helped to drive the price higher further.
  • The CME Ether Future open interest jumped from $68 million on March 1 to $373 million by the end of April. The aggregate open interest for ETH futures across all exchanges has crossed $8.3 billion.
  • In April 2021, the Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges facilitated more than $14.5 billion in trading volumes.

Many analysts predict that the ETH rally won’t stop anytime soon and ETH will hit $10K by the end of 2021.

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Bhushan is a FinTech enthusiast and holds a good flair in understanding financial markets. His interest in economics and finance draw his attention towards the new emerging Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency markets. He is continuously in a learning process and keeps himself motivated by sharing his acquired knowledge. In free time he reads thriller fictions novels and sometimes explore his culinary skills.

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